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Winners of Promega Grant Opportunity Announced
June 7

Promega has announced the winners of their team sponsorship offer!
Congratulations to the following teams: UAlberta, Bonn, CU, MSP-Maastricht, Northern BC, NUS Singapore, Sao-Carlos Brazil, NYU Abu Dhabi, Sorbonne U Paris, Victoria Wellington

Promega will continue to support ALL iGEM teams with expert technical help throughout the season. Join Promega for an exclusive iGEM Ask the Experts Live Q&A Webinar Series where Promega's experts will answer your questions about ligation, transfection and transformation.

Ask the Experts - Upcoming Webinars:

  • July 23: iGEM Transformation Challenges
  • August 20: iGEM Transfection Challenges
  • On Demand: iGEM Ligation Challenges


As a proud sponsor of iGEM 2019, we provide tools, resources and comprehensive support to iGEM teams looking to make their project a success. Have specific questions about your project? Our scientists are ready to help with anything.

Learn more about our resources for iGEM teams!

Visit the iGEM page on Promega.com for more information about:

  • How your team could receive $2,000 in free Promega products
  • Resources for molecular biology techniques such as ligation and cloning
  • Upcoming Q&A webinars for iGEM teams featuring Promega scientists
  • And more!