Giant Jamboree/Information for Teams/Exhibition Space



Has your team worked on a game, device, or other item that you want to display at the Giant Jamboree? We would love to see it! An Exhibition Space will be available inside the poster hall at the Hynes Convention Center. Spaces are limited, and priority will be given to Special Track teams (Open and Software).

Please keep in mind that the materials on display need to follow the Jamboree Policies.

Application Deadline

Wednesday, September 11
by 11:59 PM EDT

Notification Email Sent

October 4, 2019

Confirmation Deadline

October 11, 2019

Apply for the Exhibition Space by filling out the application form below!

Applications are closed

iGEM Decontamination and sterilization

iGEM has a strict ‘do not release’ policy ( ).

In addition to putting engineered or modified organisms into the environment or the body, it covers any products produced by engineered or modified organisms.

Bringing engineered or modified organisms to the Jamboree is not permitted. Products of such organisms can be brought only with special permission from the Safety Committee. There are strict rules about moving engineered or modified organisms between countries, including detailing how they must be transported and labelled. There are also rules about bringing them into the USA  - so it is not just iGEM’s rules that you need to think about.

To help you develop a decontamination plan and be able to demonstrate to the Safety Committee that it is safe to bring your equipment or material to the Jamboree, below are a few resources. There are many resources available on the internet on sterilization, disinfection and decontamination. We strongly encourage you to explore them in creating a plan which is best for the work you intend to do: